Derpy physics-based fighting game featuring inflatable wavers beating on each other

Each player crafts their own waver, complete with personalised faces, colours, decals and special skills, then do battle in hilarious, rubbery flailing combat.

The gameplay is half fumblecore, half brutal action as wind, physics and low cunning all play vital roles in securing victory.

Release Date:26/10/2017
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Roles: Lead Programmer, Game Designer

Shooty Ballz

Shooty Ballz is a Twin Stick Shooter with a bit of a twist! Your objective is to protect the green ball.. from yourself! Shoot EVERYTHING Except the green ball. Pay attention to your Control Gauge. If it runs out, you will go Out of Control.

Initially created as part of Game Makers' Toolkit Game Jam 2020. Selected by GMTK's Mark Brown as his personal top-20 picks! Now in-development to become a full game

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: TBA
Roles: Lead Programmer, Game Designer
Demo: Shooty Ballz on


Become a Ninja Cat and swing your way through the obstacle course of doom.

An Arcade style endless runner mobile game with simple one button control. Tap and hold the screen to grapple onto the ceiling and release.

Release Date: 25/2/2015
Platforms: Android
Roles: Programmer and Game Designer
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Ready, Set, Golf!

Ready? Set, Golf! is a simple mini-golf game with some twists! Portals! Buttons to open up new paths! Hazardous waters, and more stand in the way between you and the goal..

Release Date: 28/6/2018
Platforms: Android
Roles: Programmer, Level Design, Tools Development, Game Design
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About Me

Hello! It is I, Arvin, a game developer. Yep.

In 2014 I started my journey as an indie game developer. I've released 3 titles, and am currently working at Prosper Education, a Sydney-based startup working on the educational platform RoyalABC, a gamified learning app for kids aged 3-6. I'm also working on Shooty Ballz, a twin stick shooter that started as a Game Jam, which @swineyX and I are now turning into a full game. My main skill is in programming, especially with Unity and C#, but I'm fairly capable with most other media stuff too, from Image editing, video, audio and 3D.

My dream is to make a game that people will consider one of their favourite games of all time!

You can find me on twitter @arvz88